A seismic shift is coming

to drug discovery
& development.

By unleashing the power of covalent chemistry, we can deliver superior small molecule medicines with enhanced therapeutic benefit.

Terremoto translates to ‘earthquake.’

At Terremoto Biosciences, we are breaking new ground in the drug development landscape with a novel covalent chemistry approach. Our mission to develop life-changing covalent medicines requires innovation, focus and commitment – and we are the team equipped to accomplish it.

An earth-shattering approach.

Covalent medicines have historically been limited to targeting the amino acid cysteine. By instead leveraging lysine-based covalency, the Terremoto technology has the potential to dramatically expand the universe of drug targets, as well as significantly improve upon existing medicines.

Seeking the bold to join our mission.

With our bedrock foundation, we are continuing to build a unique, inclusive culture of excellence at Terremoto. We are seeking a diverse and inclusive team of chemists, biologists and industry-leading drug developers who are tenacious in their work, inventive in their science and unmatched in their drive to deliver superior therapeutics to patients.


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