While the Terremoto team is driven to unlock the power of covalent chemistry, we strive to explore new landscapes and support each other along the way. See what it’s like to be one of the Terremoto Earth-Shakers.

Our Mission

Delivering Medicines with Superior Therapeutic Benefit

By broadening the covalent drug universe with lysine-targeted chemistry, it becomes possible to remove even the most devastating disease-driving proteins, dramatically improve current medicines and create new therapies with optimized clinical profiles. This is how we can bring earth-shattering therapies to the patients who need them most.

Our Culture

An Inclusive Culture of Excellence

Our bold mission is only made possible by the dynamic members who make up the Terremoto team. While we span many different disciplines, talents and backgrounds, our team remains unified in our vision to bring enhanced small molecule medicines to patients as quickly as we possibly can. Our culture is built on inclusivity, ingenuity and a determination to transform people’s lives.

Our Culture

An Inclusive Culture of Excellence

Our bold mission is only made possible by the dynamic, diverse and driven members who make up the Terremoto team. We are committed to fostering an inclusive working environment where everyone’s voice is valued in building our company. With this mindset, our culture is one where empathy matters, we lead with kindness, and people can do and be their best. Through this collaborative, open structure, we will realize our mission of delivering optimal medicines for patients with cancer and other devastating diseases.

What defines Terremoto?

We are rock solid in our scientific integrity as we pursue our goals and overcome obstacles. Our integrity extends to all crevices of who we are, staying true to our science, each other and ourselves – no matter the challenges we face.

We always lead with compassion and extend kindness to the people who surround us and inspire us. By constantly putting ourselves in another’s shoes, we deeply care for the team we work alongside every day and the topline treatments we are developing for patients.

Across all levels, every member of our team is given the opportunity to make an impact with magnitude. We are all leaders and play an important role in shaping our organization and supporting one another.

We are empowered and trusted to perform our jobs, explore new things, and stand up for ourselves and each other. We strive to build an inclusive, welcoming environment where everyone feels encouraged to share their diverse perspective.

Open Positions

Seeking the Groundbreakers

Many of our founding members and leadership team were the original pioneers in the emerging, game-changing field of covalent chemistry. We are looking for additional scientists and industry leaders who are similarly driven to explore new scientific territory, as well as help shape the organization that Terremoto is today.

Are you interested in breaking new ground in medicine alongside the Terremoto team? Please apply to one of our open positions below.

Notice to Recruiters: We value our recruiting partnerships, but to protect the interest of all parties, Terremoto Biosciences does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters. All recruiting is managed through the Terremoto Biosciences Human Resources Department. Please do not contact hiring managers, executive team members or employees directly.